Our services are 100% FREE!  Stop paying for “recruiting services.”  You’re probably not going to get what you pay for.

Whether you’re trying to get to NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA our players and lesson students have moved on to every level of college baseball including conferences like the PAC 12, Big West, ACC and SEC.  The road to your destination can be filled with distraction, complexity and confusion.

Let’s Talk –

Let us take the uncertainty out of your playing future – get started down the path for success.  Let’s talk about how we can get you where you want to go.   Let us take your game to places players cannot take themselves.  Have Moore Baseball alongside you to help navigate this journey.


It is important be align your son with the proper training to optimize their performance and maximize their potential.  We have relationships with the top training facilities and  programs in Southern California.

Camps and Showcases

Know which ones are worth your while and which are a waste of time and money.

College Recruiting

Emailing coaches won’t get it done to find the right school for your son what is attainable given your abilities.

Video Production

FREE prospect video production.

National Exposure

Through a systematic digital promotion campaign Moore Baseball can help you get discovered and be seen on a National level without ever leaving your own city.

Draft Preparation

“Moore Baseball will produce a prospect video, offer real opportunities and help you navigate a path to maximize your potential.” – Chance Moore, Founder, Moore Baseball



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