Draft Prospect Video




This option promotes MLB Draft prospects to Professional scouts.  Moore Baseball works with MLB Scouts to share information on current prospects and potential prospects for the draft.  The video and information gives scouts a constant concentrated look at the top prospects of each class in the area.  Forms will be sent to you and will need your attention.  The is the first step to get you “in the system.”  Each client will have video shot to keep constant coverage on all prospects.  You will have a Draft video produced as seen here.  These videos have been featured on the MLB Network Draft Selection Show and other media platforms as well.  You will also have the opportunity to have monthly and/or weekly videos shot from infield, cages or even bullpens.  These videos will be made public for all scouts to see and receive attention Nationally.  This will provide scouts and scouting directors constant coverage of you and to be able to see you from anywhere in the country at any given time.

Here is a sample of the MLB Draft video each client receives

To learn more about the Draft Prospect services please email- moorebaseballvideo@yahoo.com


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