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  • Allow exposure possibilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Opens you up to schools outside your geographic region.
  • Take control of your own destiny – no longer wait for schools to come to you.
  • Distribution of your profile to target colleges.
  • See the video services page to add Moore Baseball video to your profile.

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 Player Profile

1.  If you have an existing video please attach the raw video file in the email and it will be included in your profile.  Your video will be posted to the Moore Baseball site and prospect database.  If you are in need of a recruiting video please visit the video services page here.

2.  Send a head shot photo.

3.  Follow @BSBLRecruits on Twitter

Email the information below to to be added to the database.

First Name:

Last Name:

(Please attach a head shot picture)

Player Email:

Mom Email:

Dad Email:

Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Twitter Handle:


Grad Year:





Primary Position:

Other Position(s):



Summer Team:

Fall/Scout Team:

3 Coach References:

1. Name, email & team/program affiliation.

2. Name, email & team/program affiliation.

3. Name, email & team/program affiliation.

Top 3 Target Schools:

In your own words describe your playing ability & why you would be a good fit for a college program:

Video: YOUR VIDEO WILL BE SEEN HERE.  Please send your raw video file/files to  Your video files will be uploaded to the Moore Baseball site & prospect database.  To request a new video or filming session, see the video services page here.



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