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2/17/17 Top Prospect List underrated or overrated?

The top prospect lists are out from all the well-known websites generating discussions of who on those lists are underrated or overrated.   For some its a group effort and for one list it is just one man.  These top prospect lists don’t agree on many players while some think players were left off completely.    Every year, there is a handful of guys who are not on a “top prospect” list that become a significant prospect or to have a big impact in the major leagues.  Some lists agree with each other on most prospects while some are far off in comparison in their rankings.  Some tools are appreciated and valued a bit more than others.

I’m not coming out with a prospect list.  I’m not going to rank players.  Absolutely not.  I hate lists.  Its easy to rank a guy who is already known and has become a name.  I am interested in hearing the justifications and rationale on why they ranked players where they did.    It’s easy to rank established talent but its more difficult for one to actually to identify and valuate talent and then see where a guy fits into a roster.   The top prospect rankings are fluid and subjective.  Its great for discussion and are for mostly “clickbait.”  These lists always draw a good amount of attention.   The prospects listed are all deserving names and even the prospects who were left off could break into the big leagues in the coming season.


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